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Forum » General Discussion » Quest Discussion » Thursday Weekly Event - Brainstorm (WoKF Quiz - Q&A)
Thursday Weekly Event - Brainstorm
AdminChromDate: Thursday, 2011-02-17, 1:13 AM | Message # 1
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All 50 questions and answers:
And the answer to the blank question is Roasted Meat: (Q34 here):

Q1: What does XII Sheng Xiao mean?
A1: 12 kinds of animal.

Q2: Which of the following items can you get from Chi Shang Fang?
A2: Focus charm.

Q3: Which town is Qigong temple located in?
A3: Taoyuan.

Q4: Which town does Liang represent?
A4: Yicheng.

Q5: Which monster doesn't stay in Dragon Maze?
A5: Ming Serpent.

Q6: Which is an instance?
A6: Stone Fort.

Q7: How much does it cost to travel from Jingchuan to Liuhe through NPC?
A7: 500

Q8: Which of the following is true?
A8: Rabbit can have my ATTACK+200

Q9: Where can you get the soul of Clever Rat in Sheng Xiao quests?
A9: Shoudu.

Q10: Which monster drops Dispel Charm 1?
A10: Chained Corpse.

Q11: Where can you get the rebirth quest?
A11: Liuhe.

Q12: Which tiger lives in Chaozi Sewer?
A12: Crab Tigr.

Q13:Which of the following items can you use in the Legendary School Event?
A13: Military Horn.

Q14: Which town does Kungfu Campaign Flack live in?
A14: Liuhe.

Q15: How can you get Kungfu Degree?
A15: Do School Quests.

Q16: Where can't you get hidden weapons?
A16: Blacksmith.

Q17; What can't you do through Premier?
A17: Vie for King.

Q18: What class does the skill Holy Shield belong to?
A18: Fan.

Q19: What item can increase both attack and defense
A19: Titan Charm.

Q20: How much does it cost to create a new school?
A20: 100000 coins

Q21: Where can you get the quest Wu Chen?
A21: Stone Forest.

Q22: Can Mall Gold be sent via attachment or consigned in Pawnshops now?
A22: No.

Q23: Which of the following is not designed for the Kungfu Campaign Event?
A23: Purple Riband.

Q24: Where can you get School Quests?
A24: Internal Affairs Hall.

Q25: Which boss stays at <Xitang Rainforest 992.497>?
A25: Nine Screeches.

Q26: How many Trumpet Shells do you need to make one Renacsence Pill?
A26: 1

Q27: How can you switch RUN to WALK?
A27: Click R.

Q28: Where can you make your own Class Armour sets?
A28: Liuhe.

Q29:How many school members at least enables your school to get level 2 school quests?
A29: 20

Q30: Which weapon can be described as the gentleman of all weapons?
A30: Sword.

Q31: Does Large refreshing Pill restore HP or MP?
A31: MP.

Q32: What can't you transform to?
A32: Bear.

Q33: Did Zhou Shou finally use the Renascence Pill and meet his lover Xia Ran?
A33: No, of course not.

A34: Roasted Meat

Q35: What is the pet Happy Sheep able to do?
A35: Automatically gather loot for you.

Q36: Are one-off Transforming Cards able to be stacked now?
A36: Yes, they are.

Q37:How much does 1 Guan Yin's Sigul cost?
A37: 50000

Q38: What will happen when you have the buff of Shelter Charm on?
A38: Other players cannot PK you.

Q39:How many kinds of secret skill effect can one Self-made Kungfu have?
A39: 1

Q40: Where can you make hidden weapons?
A40: Mender.

Q41: Where can you get the archaeology quest?
A41: Zhou Xing.

Q42: Where is Lihun Gully?
A42: Qinchuan.

Q43: What level is Kilin's?
A43: 84.

Q44: Where can you buy reputation tokens?
A44: Black Marketeer.

Q45: The clothing Ting Yu is designed for male, true or false?
A45: False.

Q46: Where can you buy skill books?
A46: Bizhou.

Q47: How many titles can you have at most?
A47: 10.

Q48: How long does school collection field last every time?
A48: 2 hours.

Q49: Where can you get Sheng Xiao pet in game?
A49: Treasurer.

Q50: Which of the following skills is not a secret skill?
A50: Heart leech method.

Hope this helps Very Happy

trywhitmeDate: Friday, 2011-02-18, 6:36 PM | Message # 2
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lol always i had 47/50 or 46/50 biggrin

h3ll0n3arthDate: Friday, 2011-02-18, 9:09 PM | Message # 3
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I always did all of them, but took me some time to learn them! wink

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today!
ChristofferDate: Saturday, 2011-02-19, 9:31 AM | Message # 4
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Lol I know all the answer's already. Don't matter for me ill just get it right but maybe some time's I miss 1.
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